Utility Improvements

The City of Fort Myers is replacing water mains and some sewer mains along US 41/Cleveland Avenue as part of the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) US 41/Cleveland Avenue Roadway and Utility Improvements Project with Pedestrian Enhancements from Winkler Avenue to SR 82/ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard during a 3-phased project anticipated to finish around summer of 2022.

Water Shut-off and Boil Water Notices

Water will be shut off to disconnect services from the old system and connect services to the new system. Every effort will be made to keep this time to a minimum and in most cases will not exceed six hours. Immediately following the water shut-off, you will be required to boil your water until bacteriological tests have been taken and cleared. This boil water period usually lasts approximately three or four days. You will receive written notice of planned water shut-offs and water rescission notices that will inform you when the water is safe to drink.

You will receive advance notification of any planned utility shut-offs. However, please keep in mind, many services date back to the 1950s. Old water and sewer lines could be damaged or disintegrate unexpectedly due to the heavy construction equipment required to replace the systems. Some of the old valves to the water system do not function properly and can be problematic in the case of a water main break. A very large portion of the water system may have to be shut down to make the repair. 

In this case, we have an emergency plan in place to notify you and will work to restore service as soon as possible. You may want to keep some extra bottled water on hand to use in case of an emergency water line break.

Some utility interruptions have been unavoidable during waterline replacement, as the old pipes are prone to disintegrate during removal. As a result, some scheduled and unplanned water shut offs have been necessary and have been successfully implemented during the current phase of the project. During such water shut offs intervals, the affected businesses are immediately notified and accordingly prepared for temporary shut offs as they occur in the construction sequence.